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At Tarboya, we bring you only two things: great products and exceptional service. Whenever you are using your pneumatic tools , we make sure you have the technology you need to be safe and efficient. Tarboya supplies both Russia pneumatics(МОП, ИП, ПШМ ,etc) and ordinary air tools. Our team, capable of designing, developing, CNC modification and production, supports multiple industries with innovative, high quality air tools and accessories for the most demanding applications. Tarboya’s export starts in Mid 2018, our Alibaba shop was incepted in 2019.

Before 2018, we only work on inland sales. That is the point. Our production and marketing team have been in air tools line for more than 10 years. These backbones have in-depth knowledge and knows air tools very well.

You will find Tarboya owner’s manual, here in Tarboya we name it Passport, is not the simply exploded view or general safety rules translated by Google, but the detailed technical description and operating instructions accurately written.

We assure you only the best designs, materials and production methods are used to make the tools that carry the Tarboya Name.

Quality tool, favorable price, professional papers, swift after-sale service. These are the very four Tarboya wanna to put in your hand. Commodity price and  pictures:



Only Air Tools are listed in our web, there are  9,000 or so accessaries, To refresh your tools, drop us a line

Accessaries for Backfill Tampers, Long Reach Scrapers, Chipping Hammers, Post Drivers, Rivet Hammers, Needle Scalers, Engraving Pens, Bush Hammers,Nibblers,Reciprocating Saws, Shears &  Scabblers: percussive.tools@tarboya.com

Accessaries for Caulking Guns,Paint Sprayers, Mounting Guns, Sandblasters, Punchers/Flangers & Diaphragm Pumps  : specialty.tools@tarboya.com

Accessaries for Random Orbital Sanders, Rotary Sanders, Jitterbug sanders & Belt Sanders: finishing.tools@tarboya.com

Accessaries for Grinders, Screwdrivers, Bevelers, Water-Feed Cutter&Polishers, Derusting Brushes, Drills,Tapers, High Speed Cutters, Chain Saw, Tyre Buffers : rotary.tools@tarboya.com

Accessaries for Impact Wrenches & Ratchets: bolting.tools@tarboya.com 

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Industrial Pneumatic Tools

Industrial Pneumatic Tools